What Are Some Exercises That Improve Your Sense of Balance?


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Exercise that improves the sense of balance include stork swimming, which shifts the body weight and strengthens muscles, and the t-slide, which improves stability by exercising core muscles and improving communication between the brain and muscles. The Russian twist also improves balance. These exercises all involve motions that help enhance stability when standing and reduce the risk of falling, according to WebMD. Performing these exercises barefoot and at least four times weekly help ensure good results.

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The sense of balance begins declining when people are in their 20s and keeps degrading without corrective measures. Vertigo is one cause of a deteriorating sense of balance. Medical conditions that cause vertigo include low blood pressure, inner ear problems and brain injuries. Losing balance is disorienting and dangerous. Simple exercises such as standing on one leg can help maintain the sense of balance, states The New York Times.

The two types of balance are dynamic balance and static balance. Balance-improving exercises should focus on increasing the strength of knee, hip and ankle joints and improving how the vestibular system functions. One-leg exercises, sit-to-stand exercises, side stepping, heel-to-toe tandem walking and continuous tai chi movements help in improving the sense of balance, according to The New York Times.

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