What Are Some Exercises for Hip Bursitis?


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Bursitis cannot be exercised away because it's a result of overuse or a blow to the bursa, according to MedicineNet. Hip bursitis is inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs, called bursa, that line the bony prominence on the outer side of the femur called the greater trochanter. PhysioAdvisor explains that activities that aggravate the problem must be avoided, such as repetitive exercises or motions, particularly hill climbing.

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What Are Some Exercises for Hip Bursitis?
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According to MedicineNet, hip bursitis, also called trochanteric bursitis, causes pain upon movement or side-lying on the affected hip. PhysioAdvisor explains that long-distance runners, athletes whose sports demand constant adjustments on uneven surfaces, walkers and those who use incline treadmills or stair machines are prone to hip bursitis. People also suffer from underlying structural issues, such as a leg-length discrepancy, which predisposes them to developing bursitis.

Initial treatment includes ice and anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, to decrease inflammation and rest to allow the bursa to heal, says MedicineNet. If rest and anti-inflammatory treatments don't improve pain, a complete physiotherapy program is required to heal the injury and prevent future recurrence, states PhysioAdvisor. Early physiotherapy treatment is essential to a full recovery. Physiotherapy options include stretching exercises, particularly of the iliotibial band, soft tissue massage, electrotherapy and core strengthening exercises. Most cases of trochanteric bursitis respond well to this combination of treatments and interventions.

If physiotherapy treatment doesn't eliminate pain, a doctor may recommend a corticosteroid injection, according to MedicineNet. If corticosteroid injections along with a comprehensive physiotherapy program fail to improve symptoms adequately, surgery is an option.

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