What Are Some of the Best Exercises for Getting Rid of Stomach Fat, According to Experts?


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The best exercise to eliminate belly fat is 30 minutes of moderate activity, such as walking or swimming, on most days of the week, according to Harvard Medical School. Sit-ups are not the ideal way to lose accumulated fat in the stomach area.

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There are no specific exercises that, on their own, get rid of belly fat alone. The only way to lose any type of fat is through cardiovascular exercise. Sit-ups and abdominal exercises alone help to build muscle, which can increase the efficacy of workouts, but muscle-building exercises alone don't do much to remove fat. That is because, even with tighter, firmer abdominal muscles, there are still layers of surrounding fat, according to the University of Missouri.

A regular cardio routine will helo eliminate both visceral belly fat, which is that surrounding the organs, and subcutaneous belly fat, which lies beneath the skin. Even if regular exercise doesn't seem like it's leading to a loss of belly fat, it's actually working to eliminate deep visceral abdominal fat, notes Northwestern University. It's the visceral abdominal fat that most contributes to illnesses such as heart disease, metabolic disorders and hormone imbalances, according to Harvard Medical School. Pairing regular, moderate physical activity with muscle-building activities and a well-balanced diet attacks belly fat from three fronts and leads to an overall body fat reduction.

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