What Exercises Does Eva LaRue Do to Get Her Bikini Body?


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Actress Eva LaRue achieved her bikini body with exercises such as ballet, Pilates, yoga, weight training and horseback riding. She also adheres to a strict diet regimen and positive thinking.

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HealthyCeleb.com details Eva's exercise regimen. The actress does 90 minutes of advanced ballet with Pilates. She also practices yoga and combines her workouts with light weights to strengthen her muscles. For outdoor exercise, she loves horseback riding, which she has enjoyed since childhood.

LaRue decided to use her divorce to change her perspective, embrace new challenges and feel empowered to improve her lifestyle, according to a March 2015 interview with Eva LaRue on HNGN.com. She said she works out no more than four days a week. She also eliminated most white foods such as rice, bread and pasta from her diet, avoids corn and soy, but eats plenty of green vegetables and grass-fed beef.

LaRue follows the Paleo diet, which consists of nutrient-dense foods such as nuts, green vegetables, seeds and fruit, HealthyCeleb.com notes. She reportedly "cheats" occasionally by indulging in brownies and other sweet treats. LaRue discovered she had sensitivities to gluten, dairy and high-carb foods, so she has mostly eliminated those from her diet except for yogurt, goat cheese and protein bars to help curve cravings for fast food.

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