What Exercises Can Help You Get Rid of a Double Chin?


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The best exercise to get rid of a double chin is an exercise that targets the platysma muscle in your jaw line, according to Fit Day. Open the mouth wide, pull the lower lip over the lower teeth, and move the jaw up and down. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

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What Exercises Can Help You Get Rid of a Double Chin?
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Sitting up straight and chewing gum can both help with toning up the facial muscles, especially in the jaw and chin area. Sitting up straight lessens the appearance of a double chin and also helps strengthen the jaw muscles. Chewing gum provides an excellent workout for the jaw and can help burn the fat around the facial area that contributes to a double chin.

A second exercise to try is to tilt the head back while in a standing or seated position, look towards the sky, and pucker the lips, holding for five seconds.

A third exercise involves rolling your head while seated or standing, making sure to use good posture and keeping the spine straight. Tip the head down to the chest and roll it slowly to the left shoulder until the chin touches the left shoulder. Then, slowly roll back to the center and over to the right shoulder.

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