Are There Exercises That You Can Do to Help Relieve Pain in the Calf Muscle?


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Exercises that increase flexibility and strength, such as the standing calf stretch and the double-leg calf raise, help resolve calf pain, which is often caused by tightness and weakness in lower leg muscles and injuries, according to About.com. These exercises combat weakness and inflexibility, building strength to alleviate the pain.

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Are There Exercises That You Can Do to Help Relieve Pain in the Calf Muscle?
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The standing calf stretch begins by standing approximately an arm's length away from the wall. The individual then leans forward to put both hands on the wall, placing the foot on the leg to stretch heel first on the ground a foot nearer to the wall. The individual completes the stretch by leaning in with the hips until the calf stretches, holding that position for 30 seconds, as explained by About.com.

The double-leg calf raise is one of the most basic exercises for strengthening the calf. The person's body weight serves to strengthen and tone both the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles in the lower leg. The exercise starts with the individual standing with feet hip-width apart and then lining up hips, ankles and knees vertically to maintain balance. To complete this calf-strengthening exercise, the individual pushes the balls of the feet into the ground, raising up at the heels. To move straight up, it's necessary to pull the abdominal muscles in, and holding a barbell plate or a dumbbell is a simple way to add weight to the exercise, according to WebMD.

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