What Exercises Can You Do With a Megaformer Pilates Machine?


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The Megaformer allows users to perform a variety of exercises, including spider kicks, kneeling hamstring stretches, side leg presses, the fifth lunge and mermaid twists. Other exercises include giant shoulder presses, giant squats, kneeling lat pulls, chest presses, giant wheelbarrows and tricep dips.

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Megaformer exercises work on a variety of areas around the body, including the abs, legs, chest and back. The machine uses a combination of balance, flexibility, cardio and strength training to provide for a potentially challenging workout for any body. When followed consistently and correct, Megaformer exercises are said to produce the results of a trim, slim body. With the Megaformer, multiple muscle groups work together as opposed to focusing on just one muscle group.

This makes the workouts on the Megaformer more difficult and challenging, making it more worthwhile than other forms of exercise, according to its manufacturer. Its purpose is to develop core strength and muscular endurance, which implies that one session can burn a lot of calories. In one session, the Megaformer can burn up to 800 calories, which also leaves the muscles fatigued due to the high amount of repetitions. The most compelling benefit of using the machine is that the body still burns fat and calories even after the workout depending on its intensity.

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