What Exercises Can You Do to Make Your Legs Look Great in High Heels?

Exercises that can transform the lower legs and calves include the straight-leg calf raise, imaginary jump rope, single-leg bent-knee calf raise, and high-knee jog in place. Perform 30-second, 60-second and 90-seconds circuit of these exercises, and take 30-second breaks between the circuits.

To perform the straight-leg calf raise, stand on a step bench with your heels extending off the bench, rise up onto the balls of your feet, pause at the top, and squeeze the calf muscles. Lower down until your feet are level with the bench. For the single-leg bent-knee calf raise, stand on a step with a 10- or 15-pound dumbbell, cross your left foot behind your right, and bend and rise on the right leg.