Which Exercises Can Improve Kyphosis?


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Several exercises improve kyphosis, a condition brought about by abnormal posture of the upper (thoracic) spine. Dr. Jeffrey Tucker explains that foam rolling is an essential therapeutic exercise for kyphosis. It involves laying a foam roll across a patient's upper spine while the patient arches his back across the roll. One simple back stretch involves achieving a 90-degree angle with the hips while using a tabletop for support.

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Tucker explains that the table stretch starts with the patient standing adjacent to a sturdy table. Standing with feet shoulder-width apart while keeping his shoulders and back straight, the patient bends forward at the hips with his hands and arms on the table for support. The patient reaches a 90-degree angle at the hips and holds the stretch for at least 60 seconds.

Another good exercise is the prone "Y" extension. Marc Perry of Built Lean asserts that this movement rotates the shoulders, strengthens the upper and lower back, and stretches the abdomen and chest. The patient lies flat on the floor on his stomach with legs shoulder-length apart and arms extended above the head in a "Y" position. The patient then lifts his torso off the ground while rotating his palms so they face upwards. This position is held for 10 seconds and then repeated up to eight times.

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