What Exercises Can You Do to Get Gorgeous Legs?


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Pistol and goblet squats exercise most major muscles in the legs to tone them and keep them strong. Complete a pistol squat by holding the arms straight in front of the body, parallel to the floor, and then raising one leg off the floor while dipping into squat position.

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Perform a goblet squat by holding a dumbbell vertically at the chest, sinking down into a squat, pausing for a few seconds, and then returning to the starting position. Dumbbell split jumps, single-arm kettle bell swings and calf raises also help to sculpt gorgeous legs, according to Women's Health magazine.

Experts at Shape magazine recommend performing three set of 10 repetitions several times during the week for optimal results. Other leg exercises for toned muscles include side lunge passes, pop twists, the down diva and heel reaches. Perform a heel reach by getting into the plank position before lifting the right leg and pressing the right toes on top of the left heel. Press the left heel back and hold for a count. Perform five repetitions on each leg.

For gorgeous legs in a hurry, women can fit in a quick 15-minute workout each morning that includes chair squats, knee raises, lunges and dynamic stretches.

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