What Exercises Can Be Completed With Diabetic Neuropathy in the Hands and Feet?


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Bicycling, rowing and swimming are good exercises that keep people with diabetic neuropathy off their feet to avoid numbness and tingling, states Healthline. Mild aerobic exercises that strengthen the heart and lungs such as walking, dancing and jogging are recommended.

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Studies show that individuals who take a brisk one-hour walk on a treadmill four times a week slow the progression of neuropathy, according to WebMD. Low impact exercises such as water aerobics put less pressure on the feet and are recommended for people with nerve pain. Yoga and tai chi may help with balance and relaxation.

Build balance to prevent falls caused by nerve damage by practicing rising out of a chair, suggests WebMD. Start by using the arms for steadiness, working towards doing it without the use of the arms. Balancing on one leg, hands-free; walking heel to toe; and rising up on tippy toes are additional exercises to improve balance.

Exercise up to 30 minutes, five days a week, recommends WebMD. Check blood glucose 30 minutes before and immediately after exercising to ensure levels are healthy. Wear quality athletic shoes that fit well and have a roomy toe box. Wear cotton socks to prevent rubbing, blisters and infection. After each workout, examine the feet for injuries.

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