What Exercises Can Cause Knee Pain?


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Leg-focused exercises, such as squats, lunges and running, are common causes of knee pain and knee injury. High-impact sports, such as skiing and basketball, may also cause knee pain.

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Knee pain during exercise may be a sign of muscle exhaustion or incorrect form. High-impact exercises, such as running, skiing and basketball, put extra strain on the knee joints. If pain is experienced while participating in one of these sports, it may be a sign that too much pressure is being placed on the joint. To avoid knee injury, take occasional breaks and avoid overdoing one particular exercise.

Poor form while running, squatting or lunging is also a potential cause for knee pain. Before exercising, stretch and warm up adequately so that the muscles are not so tight that they may be injured. Sitting for prolonged periods may cause part of the knee joint to become compressed, and exercising without stretching it first puts extra strain on the joint. While exercising, ensure proper form is being used and stop before exhaustion makes proper form too difficult.

Knee pain during exercise may mean that the muscles around the joint are not being adequately maintained. Regularly work the quadriceps, hamstrings and core muscles to keep excess pressure off the knees.

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