What Exercises Are Beneficial for Those With Hip Joint Arthritis?


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People with hip arthritis can benefit from doing leg swings and leg extensions, according to WebMD. They should do cardiovascular, flexibility and range-of-motion exercises, as well as muscle-strengthening activities.

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What Exercises Are Beneficial for Those With Hip Joint Arthritis?
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Leg swings can be done on land or in a swimming pool, states WebMD. To do leg swings, the person holds onto the side of the wall, and swings each leg gently out to the side. A swimming pool is an ideal location to perform leg swings because the water resistance increases difficulty, and the buoyancy provides assistance. Leg extensions can be performed in the same position as leg swings, and they involve extending each leg backwards.

People with hip arthritis should not run or jog, notes WebMD. High-impact aerobics, jumping rope and any other exercises that require both feet to be off the ground even for a short amount of time should be avoided. Swimming, cycling and walking are usually ideal cardiovascular exercises.

Gentle motion exercises such as yoga or tai chi may help to improve balance, states WebMD. Some people may benefit from strength and resistance training, which should be done with the assistance of a professional to prevent further injury. Those with hip arthritis should speak to a physician before attempting any potentially strenuous exercises.

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