How Do You Exercise Using the Water Aerobics Routine?

How Do You Exercise Using the Water Aerobics Routine?

How Do You Exercise Using the Water Aerobics Routine?

Exercising with a water aerobics routine takes about half of an hour. To exercise with a water aerobics routine, you need access to an open area with water and long-resistance exercise bands.

  1. Perform a "tick-tock" with an upright row

    Place the resistance band underneath both of your feet. Cross the band and take the handles into your hands. Lift one leg up and out to the side while pulling the handles to your shoulders. Repeat this motion with the other leg.

  2. Do a squat to overhead shoulder press

    Stand on the band with both feet once more. Take both handles into your hands and squat with your knees behind your toes. Pause and stand up while pushing your hands up above your head.

  3. Use the band to do a chest fly

    Put one foot 2 or 3 feet in front of the other, with the second foot on top of the band. Hold the handles at your chest and press forward, extending your arms. Repeat with the other foot in front.

  4. Do an overhead pull with a knee lift

    Place both of your hands out of the water and above your head. With one handle in each hand, lift your knee while lowering your hands. Pull the band out to the sides and squeeze your shoulder blades. Switch legs and repeat.

  5. Perform a knee tuck

    Stand about 2 feet from the edge of the pool with your hands resting on the side. Lift one knee up to your chest while contracting your abs, then extend it behind you. Pause and repeat with your other leg.

  6. Finish with a leg sweep

    Put one hand on the edge of the pool with the other above your head. Sweep your leg forward until it is at your waist and move it behind you. Continue this motion while alternating legs.