What Is Exercise Science?


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Exercise science explores how diet, exercise and overall health contribute to physical fitness. It is an integral part of sports medicine and biomechanics, and is offered as a degree path in a number of universities.

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The first aspect of exercise science is the study of movement and its impact on the body. It examines the effects of a wide range of exercises and everyday activities. This includes the study of how exercise impacts the body, why muscle mass is important to bodily functions and the ways in which exercise is likely to injure the body. It studies the ways that exercise can help prevent long-term health issues such as heart disease or diabetes.

The scope of exercise science includes the study of popular systems of exercise, including yoga and tai chi. These systems are time-tested forms of total body fitness, and exercise science works to reveal exactly why they are effective and which aspects of each system have the greatest health impact.

Athletic conditioning is a huge part of exercise science. This study works to clarify what the best methods of training are, as well as the best nutrition during different levels of training. Physical therapy and rehabilitation services use this same knowledge in restoring full function and range of motion to injured or chronically ill individuals.

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