What Is the Best Exercise for Saddlebags?


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According to Shape, 15 repetitions per side of the side kick horse stance work well to eliminate saddlebags. The exercise consists of a leg squat with bent arms and fists at the chin, followed by a slow bend of the knee toward the chest and ending with a side kick.

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Fitness Magazine explains that traveling squats combined with a resistance band work well to tone the outer thigh muscles and minimize saddle bags. The exercise begins in a standing position with the legs hip-width apart and the resistance band around the ankles. The next position consists of stepping to the left as far as possible while pulling the resistance band with the ankle. The final position begins with bringing the right foot in to touch the left foot and lifting the leg to the left while keeping the torso upright. This exercise should be repeated 12 to 15 times per side for optimal results.

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