What Are Some Exercise Routines for the Pilates Reformer?


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WebMD explains the Pilates "hundred on a reformer" exercise for flat abs. This routine involves lying on the back with the legs in a table-top position or extended at a 45-degree-angle. The exerciser then pulls the straps down next to the abdomen, curls the head and shoulders up and pulses the arms up and down. Breathing in for five and out for five, until reaching 100 pulses, establishes the rhythm.

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WebMD also describes kneeling knee stretches to work the lower body on the reformer device. The exerciser must kneel on the reformer and round the back while keeping the arms straight. The next moves use the butt muscles and thighs to push and pull the lower body back and forth. The platform slides a few inches with each movement. WebMD recommends starting with five reps then adding another five reps with the back arched as the user becomes more advanced.

Kathi Ross Nash of Pilatesology offers a range of Pilates routines for the Pilates Reformer, including the Flowing Beginner Reformer and the Skull and Crossbones Reformer for the more advanced Pilates user. The classical beginner routine on the Reformer demonstrates the proper flow of the workout, whereas the super advanced Skull and Crossbones routine challenges those who have years of previous training.

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