How Do You Exercise With Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands provide constant tension to the muscles, and you can use them many ways. You need a door, furniture, dumbbells, a bench or a pole to use resistance bands properly.

  1. Adjust the band

    Begin by choosing a medium-sized band. Fold it in a lengthwise fashion, or you can shorten it by grabbing the band portion that is closest to the anchor. You can avoid looping it by attaching one end to an object and holding the other end with your hand.

  2. Anchor the band

    Form a knot in the band, and close a door on it to do tricep push-downs or lat pull-downs. Place it under a piece of furniture, such as a couch leg, for lower resistance. You can also anchor the band to the bottom of a bench to mimic weightlifting. For chest or shoulder exercises, wrap the band around a pole, or you can stand on the band and raise both arms as if doing dumbbell presses. Ensure that the band is tight.

  3. Combine with dumbbells

    Add resistance by combining your resistance band with dumbbells. You can hold the band and dumbbell together with one or two hands. Tie the band in the middle of a dumbbell to help retain a good grip. Pause and slowly release back into position with each pull. Don't allow the band to snap back too quickly to avoid injury.