How Do You Exercise If You Have Knee Osteoarthritis?


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Choose low-impact exercises, start slowly and steadily increase the speed and distance to improve knee osteoarthritis, according to Healthline. It is important to perform brief, gentle stretching exercises at the end of each session to prevent muscles from becoming tightened.

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Individuals with knee arthritis should perform moderate exercises for around 30 minutes daily or divide exercise routines into three 10-minute activities every day to make the regimen easier, suggests Healthline. Regular exercise helps improve mobility and alleviates pain within four to six weeks. Doctors recommend walking, as it is a weight-bearing exercise with low impact, and it effectively boosts muscle strength and improves bone health. Choose robust shoes when exercising outdoors.

Water exercise, which involves walking in the shallow part of a pool, is another activity that improves knee flexibility, states Healthline. The impact is almost close to zero, as the body stays buoyant in water. Join water exercise classes by contacting a gym, nearby recreation center or any local Arthritis Foundation.

Exercises that knee arthritis sufferers can do at home or in the office include leg raises, hamstring stretches and half squats, says Healthline. Exercise the knees once every two days to allow sore muscles to rest and recover. Place a heat pack on the affected knee for 20 minutes before the exercise routine to reduce stiffness and relieve pain.

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