What Exercise Will Take Inches Off My Hips?


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There is no exercise that specifically targets and removes fat from the hips or any other body part. Fat and inches are lost by creating a caloric deficit in the body. Taking off inches can be achieved by reducing the amount of food consumed and/or increasing daily activity.

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Fat is stored differently in people, with a pronounced distinction between men and women. Typically, women store fat around their buttocks and thighs while men store fat around their stomachs. There is also a tendency for fat to go in the same order that it appeared. For example, if fat is gained first around the hips, it will also be the last place where fat is lost. A good rule of thumb is to keep track of where weight is gained initially to prevent worry and uncertainty during a weight-loss program.

The muscles of the hips can be strengthened by doing certain exercises such as squats, bridge, adductor squeeze and the straight leg raise. These exercises can be performed using body weight or by adding resistance to increase the difficulty and benefits of the exercise. There are several advantages to exercising the hips including building a stronger core, reducing the risk of injury and increasing flexibility.

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