How Do You Exercise at Home?


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To create a home exercise program, identify ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday routine. It isn't necessary to have equipment to achieve this, but owning some may help.

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  1. Figure out when to exercise

    Determine the best time to exercise by identifying points in the day where short bursts are possible. For example, perform cardiovascular exercise during television ad breaks.

  2. Identify possible exercises

    Identify exercises that you can do using the equipment available to you at home. If you don't have any equipment, stick to body weight exercises and cardiovascular routines.

  3. Incorporate exercises into a daily routine

    Incorporating exercises into your daily routine in a way that's convenient. In addition to trying methods such as going up and down the stairs more often, try walking more and using the car less.

  4. Review whether the exercise plan is working

    Review whether the exercise plan meets your target goals by seeing if you're losing weight. If it isn't working and the plan is casual, consider creating a formal plan. This involves setting aside a time to exercise during the day and sticking to it.

  5. Continue with the home fitness plan, and adapt it when necessary

    Stick to the home fitness plan, and aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. If you're no longer losing weight, or if it becomes inconvenient, adapt it so it meets your needs.

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