Why Is Exercise Good for You?


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Exercise prevents disease, manages weight, increases energy, enhances mood, increases sex drive and fosters better sleep, according to Mayo Clinic. Exercise is also a gateway to fun activities, such as hiking and dance classes.

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Exercise burns calories, which prevents the accumulation of extra fat, notes Mayo Clinic. Intense workouts increase the amount of calories burned. Physical activity also promotes HDL cholesterol, which is a good form of cholesterol for the body, and working out lowers harmful triglycerides. This allows smooth bloodflow, decreasing the likelihood of heart disease. Exercise also prevents Type 2 diabetes, arthritis and depression.

Exercise is a natural mood enhancer, adds Mayo Clinic. An active lifestyle allows chemicals to flow in the brain, which promotes relaxation and happiness. This also translates into a positive self-image and higher self-esteem. Exercise on a consistent basis allows a person to go to sleep quicker and fall into a deeper sleep.

Physical activity also invigorates the muscles and heart, explains Mayo Clinic, instilling more energy in the body. The lungs also get a sound workout, allowing the completion of daily tasks with ease. More energy also translates into better sex. Exercise increases arousal in women, and men who engage in physical activity are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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