How Do You Exercise With Arthritis Hip Pain?


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People with arthritis should do weight-bearing, cardiovascular, muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises in order to protect joints from prevent further deterioration, according to WebMD. Weight-bearing and cardiovascular exercises are done while upright and force the body to work against gravity, About.com explains. Examples include walking, dancing, hiking, golfing, tennis and bowling.

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If weight-bearing exercises are too painful, other activities can work the cardiovascular system, WebMD states. Recumbent bikes limit how much sore hip joints have to flex. Swimming is easy on the hips because of water support. However, exercises that do not force the body to bear weight do not prevent bone loss.

Muscles that undergo strength training are more supportive of arthritic joints, and this reduces pain and improves mobility, reports WebMD. Appropriate weightlifting leg exercises done on machines include leg presses, leg extensions and leg curls, suggests the Arthritis Foundation. Resistance bands are another strengthening option that are easy to use at home, advises WebMD. Dumbbells are not recommended for people with arthritis.

Arthritis sufferers should exercise to improve flexibility and range of motion, WebMD recommends. While these are sometimes done standing, a pool adds more support, if needed. Hip exercises include leg swings to the side and leg extensions to the back.

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