How Do You Execute the Yoga Fish Pose?

How Do You Execute the Yoga Fish Pose?

The yoga fish position is performed on a flat surface, usually on a yoga mat. The yoga fish pose gets its name because, if the pose is done in water, it resembles a floating fish.

  1. Lay on your back

    Lay on the floor, and keep your legs straight out and together. With your arms resting alongside your body, place your hands underneath your hips, palms down. Draw your elbows in toward each other.

  2. Lift your head and chest

    Lift your head and chest off the floor. Breathe in as you do so.

  3. Lower your head

    Keep your chest elevated, and slowly lower your head backward to the floor until the top of it touches.

  4. Transfer your weight to your elbows

    Rest your head lightly on the floor, and press your elbows into the ground. This helps place your weight on your elbows and not on your head. Lift your chest, and press your legs into the floor.

  5. Hold the pose

    Hold this pose for as long as you can, breathing gently in and out in long breaths. Relax your body on the exhalations.

  6. Finish the pose

    Raise your head, and lower it and your chest to the floor. Remove your hands from under your hips, and relax.