Is Excessive Swelling After Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Normal?


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Swelling is normal following arthroscopic knee surgery, according to Medline Plus. If the swelling occurs in the calf or it appears from the incision, it is recommended that the doctor be contacted, as it could indicate an infection.

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Following arthroscopic knee surgery, it is common for patients to remain off the knee for about a week following the procedure, states Medline Plus. It may be necessary to use crutches following the procedure, as well. Pain is a common side effect following arthroscopic knee surgery. Pain medication is given in most cases, and it should be taken as instructed in order to keep the pain at a manageable level.

It is recommended that the foot be elevated in the days following surgery in order to keep the amount of swelling down, explains Medline Plus. When instructed by the doctor, a patient slowly begins adding weight to the knee. Those who have recently had arthroscopic knee surgery should not remain standing for long periods of time, and should do the exercises and therapy that the doctor has recommended. It is also important for the patient not to perform activities such as bike, jump or run until the doctor gives permission to do so.

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