How Are Excessive Burping and Heart Attacks Linked?


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Excessive burping, abdominal pain, nausea, indigestionand chest pain can besymptoms of heartburn. However, the symptoms of heartburn are similar to those of a heart attack or angina. The symptoms can be so similar that at times doctors may find it difficult to distinguish between these conditions without tests, states the Mayo Clinic.

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How Are Excessive Burping and Heart Attacks Linked?
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People who are experiencing symptoms of heartburn that include chest pain should seek immediate care when the chest pain is getting worse, or if it spreads to other body parts such as the arms and neck, relates the University of Chicago Medicine. In some cases, the pain associated with heartburn or a heart attack may resolve in a short time, explains Mayo Clinic. Becausethis can occur, it is wise to see a doctor to diagnose the source of the symptoms through testing.

Some other reasons to seek emergency care areif other accompanying symptoms are trouble breathing, an abnormal pulse rate, feeling faint and sweating. Call 911 if these symptoms are present.

Heartburn can occur after eating a meal and can cause belching along with abdominal bloating or stomach pain. A case of moderate heartburn can be ameliorated by taking antacids, suggests WebMD. However, if people experience frequent heartburn, they should visittheir doctors for an evaluation of the heartburn problem.

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