What Are Some Facts About Excedrin Recalls?


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Drug manufacturer Novartis voluntarily recalled Excedrin and three other medications in January 2012 due to a product mix-up, potential contamination and broken tablets, according to WebMD. The other recalled medicines were Gas-X, Bufferin and NoDoz.

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The recall involved 1,645 lots of the four medications, notes WebMD. The company noted in its recall announcement that the medications may have been mixed with one another or contain prescription-strength pain medication. At the time, the company manufactured the recalled over-the-counter medications alongside nine prescription opiate pain medications, including morphine and Percocet, at its Lincoln, Nebraska, plant. The recalled products potentially contained caplets or tablets of other products. In addition, some of the pills were potentially chipped or broken.

Novartis issued the recall due to the potential of consumers consuming an incorrect product, an unintended ingredient, or a higher or lower dose than intended, notes WebMD. Medication interaction, overdose or allergic reactions were top concerns. Novartis said it received no reports of injuries due to the gaffe.

The recall encompassed Excedrin products with expiration dates of Dec. 20, 2014, notes WebMD. The products included Excedrin’s extra-strength caplets, gel caplets, express gel caplets and tablets. It also included Excedrin back and body, sinus, migraine, and menstrual complete express gel caplets. Excedrin PM, express PM and tension headache formulas are additional recalled products. Domestic stores received the shipments of the recalled products; the recall did not affect international shipments.

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