What Are Examples of Wives With Bipolar Behavior?

Linda Hamilton and Vivien Leigh are two famous wives who have suffered from bipolar disorder, according to Everyday Health. This condition causes extreme swings between emotional highs, known as the manic phase, and lows, or depression. Shifts between euphoria and hopelessness range from every few days to every few months, reports Mayo Clinic.

Linda Hamilton is a film actress perhaps best known for playing Sarah Connor in the first two "Terminator" movies. Despite her success on screen, she used alcohol and drugs to medicate her bipolar depression. The severe mood swings ended up ruining two marriages, and she struggled with the disease for 20 years. She resisted taking the appropriate medications because she did not want the effects to dull her acting talents. As of 2015, she talks openly about her experiences with the disorder, notes Everyday Health.

In the world of acting, Vivien Leigh is most famous for winning an Oscar for her portrayal of Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind." However, her marriage to Laurence Olivier received just as much attention as her achievements on screen. Her chaotic behavior was eventually diagnosed as the signs of bipolar disorder. In an era without medical treatments or psychiatric clinics, her actions brought her marriage to an end and spoiled her professional reputation, relates Everyday Health.