What Are Some Examples of Vow Renewals?


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Some examples of vow renewals are "How Little We Knew" and "We Promised to Love." Another vow renewal that reflects on life changes since the couple's wedding day is "You Have Changed Since Then."

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"How Little We Knew" focuses on how naive the couple was when they entered into marriage. The couple takes turns reciting that, when they married, they only knew about the kind of love in movies and books. They state that they learned how to love during the years of their marriage. The vows end by saying that know that each person now knows what long-term love is, and they still choose each other for marriage.

Similarly, in "We Promised to Love," the bride and groom focus on the many things that they vowed to each other on their wedding day. They talk about how they promised to love each other in sickness and in health and for richer or poorer, and they state that all of the promises came to pass. The couple reflects on their youthful hopes on their wedding day and how those hopes came true because of their love for each other. The vows end with each person thanking the other for the laughter and support during years of marriage.

By contrast, "You Have Changed Since Then" talks about how each person in the marriage changed after the wedding and that the world has changed, too. The speaker says that even though the situation is not what it was on the couple's wedding day, the couple's love still remains. The vows end by saying that love sustains the relationship.

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