What Are Examples of Things to Say to Friends?


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Things a person can say to a friend include "I'm always there for you," "Thank you for supporting me" and compliments, such as telling the friend how compassionate or good at listening he is. The speaker should base what he says on his emotions and his friend's personality.

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What Are Examples of Things to Say to Friends?
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By telling a friend "I'm always there for you," the speaker assures him that he's going to be supportive through life's difficult moments. Those difficult moments are a good time for the speaker to tell his friend this, and he should follow through by helping his friend in any way he can.

When the speaker thanks his friend for being supportive, it shows that he recognizes and appreciates what his friend does. He can be more personal by mentioning the ways his friend has supported him, such as giving him advice or spending time with him.

People typically like receiving compliments, especially when it comes from those whom they have a close relationship with, such as friends. Compliments make the recipient happy and build his self-esteem. To give a friend a good compliment, the speaker should be specific. He could mention a personality trait of his friend that he admires. He could also speak positively about something his friend has done, such as getting a new job or finishing a project.

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