What Are Examples of Thigh Toning Exercises?


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Women's Health Magazine suggests alternating curtsy lunges, glute bridges, iso-explosive squats, low sumo squats and swinging with dumbbells to tone the thighs. The magazine explains that these moves create an efficient workout by intensely performing each one for 50 seconds, resting for 10 seconds then going on to the next move. It also suggests using heavier dumbbells for a more intense workout.

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Cosmopolitan magazine also offers suggestions from Amber Edwards, group fitness manager at Equinox Soho, for thigh toning exercises, including the pile squat, the ball squeeze, the wall squat, the curtsy lunge, straight leg circles, the criss-cross, the lateral lunge and the lateral raise.

Fitness Magazine also has its own top 10 thigh exercises: squat with ball, the flamingo balance, the plyometric squat, the single-leg circle, lunges with dumbbells, toe squat with overhead reach, sun salutation, plie, pick-up squat and the outer and inner thigh kick stretch.

While Women's Health and Cosmopolitan appear to suggests their exercise reps as part of a complete workout, Fitness seems to suggests these exercises individually so that people may find what works best for them. Furthermore, Cosmopolitan and Fitness share written instructions to explain correct exercise procedures, but Women's Health includes a video for its thigh workout.

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