What Are Some Examples of Sweet Pick-up Lines?


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Examples of sweet pick-up lines include asking the woman if her name is Wi-Fi because the two have a great connection and other pick-up lines that compliment the woman's looks. Pick-up lines that don't come across as threatening may include a pun that mention the man's income.

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Asking the woman if her name is Wi-Fi is sweet because it is a pun as well as a line that demonstrates interest. This pick-up line also demonstrates a man's playfulness.

A man might use a pick-up line that slyly mentions his income. For example, he might tell the woman that he is not as tall as he appears, but that he looks taller because he is sitting on his large wallet. Additionally, the man might tell a woman that if she stands before a mirror with 11 roses, that she will see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world. Another line is to tell the woman that if looks could kill then the woman is a weapon of mass destruction.

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