What Are Some Examples of Stress Survey Questions?


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Stress survey questions revolve around events or incidents that may have occurred to produce or increase stress levels such as "Have you ever been fired from a job?" or "Have you lost a loved one recently?" Questions may also relate to relationships, family life, lifestyle habits or personal achievements.

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Stress survey questions related to relationships may include "Have you been divorced or separated from a mate?" "Has a son or daughter left home for college, marriage or a job?" and "Have you experienced problems with your in-laws?" Workplace stress may also be assessed with questions such as "Have on-the-job responsibilities increased?" or "Have you experienced problems with a boss or supervisor?"

Financial difficulties can produce a significant amount of stress for individuals. To assess the level of stress related to finances, stress survey questions may include "Have you foreclosed on a home?" "Has your financial situation changed recently?" or "Have you acquired additional expenses, loans or a mortgage?"

Stress survey questions may also relate to lifestyle changes such as "Have you recently revised habits such as quitting smoking or alcohol intake?" "Have your sleep patterns changed for the worse?" or "Are you experiencing sexual difficulties that have taken a toll on intimate relationships?"

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