What Are Some Examples of Street Names for Drugs?


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Common street names for drugs include "pot," "reefer," "grass," "weed" and "herb" for marijuana; "smack," "big H" and "dope" for heroin; and "coke," "rock" and "bump" for cocaine. These names vary depending on the form of each drug.

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Names for street drugs vary by region, and different drugs often share the same name. Methamphetamine is usually found in its illegal crystal form, and its street names reflect this: "ice," "crystal," "glass" and "chalk." Cocaine in its white powder form is often called "snow" or "blow," whereas the rock form is called "crack." Heroin can vary in color from white to brown; its street names include "white China," "white horse" and "brown sugar." Marijuana is often delivered in a concentrated extract called "hashish."

Prescription drugs sold illegally also have street names. Benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Valium and Ativan are called "benzos," "candy" or "downers." Opioids and morphine-based drugs are called "hillbilly heroin," "oxy," "perks" and "monkey."

There are also street names for drug combinations. "Buda" is marijuana with crack cocaine added to it; "caviar" is the same combination, but with higher-quality cocaine. "Lace" is another name for this combination. A "blunt" is a cigar stuffed with marijuana; a "candy blunt" is a blunt soaked in cough syrup. Other slang names for drugs are listed on NarcAnon.org.

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