What Are Examples of Slow Carb Foods?


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There are many fruits and vegetables that contain slow-release carbohydrates, such as kale, spinach, onions, asparagus, cherries, melons and apples. Nut-butters and steel-cut oats contain slow-release carbohydrates as well.

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As described on SF Gate's website, slow carbs are carbohydrates that are released more slowly to help retain energy and keep a full feeling between meals to reduce unhealthy weight gain. The carbs are released slowly and steadily for extended periods of time as opposed to quick-release carbs found in such foods as white rice, white potatoes and most breakfast cereals.

The vegetables listed above are low in starch, much like broccoli, tomatoes and cucumbers. It is suggested by SF Gate to add these vegetables to salads or entrées, while the fruits with slow carbs are suggested to be eaten between meals as a healthy snack. With the fruits, it is suggested to eat them while they are fresh as opposed to canned because they become quick carbs if eaten while canned, dried or consumed as juices.

Also included in the list are sweet potatoes, nuts and quinoa. Sweet potatoes are listed as a good substitute to white potatoes, whether mashed, fried or baked. Nuts are suggested to be eaten fresh as opposed to chocolate-covered, and quinoa (along with the steel-cut oats) can be used as a good replacement for breakfast cereals.

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