What Are Some Examples of Personal Ads?


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Examples of personal ads range from those laced with dry humor, such as, "You grabbed my butt and I told you if you did that again I'd kill you. You did. I need your address now" to the bittersweet one seeking romance after an affair, such as "Ready to begin her life with man willing to provide time sheets and supporting documentary evidence for every minute of his time." Sometimes creators of personal ads use humor to capture interest.

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What Are Some Examples of Personal Ads?
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By stating something unexpected and funny, experts at Harvard University state, people garner more attention. One such example is a man's advertisement that has an outdated photograph of himself accompanied by a request for someone to travel with him back in time. He offers pay for joining him and describes his travel companion as needing personal weaponry, for safety is not guaranteed. To conclude the ad, he explains that he has only made this journey once before.

Other humorous ads include one that expresses the person's desire for someone who can imitate Donald Duck's voice to call and leave a romantic message for a girlfriend; another says that she can change her oil but struggles to open jars of pasta sauce.

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