What Are Some Examples of Mental Health Terms?


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Some examples of mental health terms are "anxiety disorder," "bipolar mood disorder," "delusion," "depression" and "mental illness," explains Mental Wellness Today. Other examples are "outpatient care," "psychosis," "psychotherapy" and "psychiatry."

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In general, an anxiety disorder is a condition that impacts the patient's daily functioning and has anxiety, worry or fear as primary symptoms, notes Mental Wellness Today. Specific examples of anxiety disorders include panic attacks, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder. Patients with bipolar mood disorder experience alternating episodes of depression and mania. Delusions can be a symptom of mental illness and are beliefs that a patient holds strongly despite clear evidence of their inaccuracy. Depression is a mental health disorder in which persistently low moods impair daily functioning.

In clinical terms, a mental illness can be a brain disease that causes behavioral symptoms, or a mind disease that causes the patient to behave abnormally, states Mental Wellness Today. Outpatient care refers to treatment of a mental illness that does not necessitate an overnight stay in the treatment facility. Psychosis occurs when a patient is out of touch with reality, such as in the case of delusions or hallucinations, to the point of having difficulty functioning socially. Psychotherapy seeks to treat mental illness by talking through problems and making adjustments in behavioral and thought patterns, while psychiatry refers to the treatment of mental health disorders with medicine.

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