What Are Some Examples of a Low-Protein Diet?


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Many foods, including avocado, olive oil, nuts and canola oil, are low-protein foods. In a low-protein diet, meals should consist of vegetables, fruits and whole-grain foods accompanied by a small serving of lean meat. There is no universally agreed upon low-protein recipe, because the needs vary from one patient to another.

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A low-protein diet is vital for people suffering from kidney failure and liver disease, who typically experience fatigue and reduced appetite. While the liver is the fundamental protein digester, the kidney is responsible for cleaning the waste products of protein digestion. When there are more proteins in the body than the liver and kidney can handle, waste products clog the bloodstreams, causing more complications. For this reason, a low-protein diet is recommended for people with chronic kidney failure.

Similarly, patients are advised to eat diets with low salt, phosphorus and potassium levels. Avoiding high-protein foods, including beef, fish, poultry, eggs, peanut butter, dried beans, cheese, lamb and veal, could help delay the need for dialysis for patients of kidney failure. More importantly, anyone in need of a low-protein diet should consult a qualified dietician for professional advice. While doing so, the patient should carefully explain all medical conditions suffered.

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