What Are Some Examples of Humorous Marriage Advice for Newlyweds?


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Funny marriage advice for newlyweds often plays on gender stereotypes. For instance, it's said that happiness in marriage is dependant on the understanding that there are two parties involved: the one who's always right and the husband.

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Funny advice for newlyweds often points at a double standard. For example, advice for the bride is to not expect her husband to change after marriage because many women hope to soften the rough edges. Similar advice for the groom is to not expect his wife won't change because men often want their wives to stay exactly the same as on their wedding day.

In the same vein, some people might advise newlyweds to change their reading habits. Advice for the bride is to stop reading romance novels, and advice for the groom is to stop looking at Playboy. The first piece of advice is related to the idea that women want to transform their husbands into a romantic hero. Men want to transform their wives into a model.

Other advice relates to timing, For instance, if a husband says he's coming home by 11:00 pm, the wife is advised not to lock the door before 1:00 am because he's certain to be late. Related advice is that men should add one hour as a safety margin for when to leave for appointments. This safety margins is in case of makeup disasters or last-minute phone calls.

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