What Are Some Examples of Health Survey Questions?


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Health surveys include questions such as "What is your age?," "On how many of the last 30 days did you smoke cigarettes?" and "Do you know what a vaccine does?" These are examples of demographic questions, questions about health-related behaviors, and questions to determine the respondent's knowledge or beliefs, respectively.

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Demographic questions on health surveys commonly ask about the respondent's sex, location and marital status. Questions about behaviors or practices often make up the major part of the survey. Such questions may involve daily habits such as breastfeeding or exercising. They may also focus on disease-related practices, such as how often a diabetic person checks his blood sugar level.

To ascertain a person's knowledge or perceptions, the survey may contain questions such as "Do you know what caused the fistula?" or "What do you think are the three most important health problems in our community?"

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