What Are Examples of Foods That Are High in Saturated Fat?


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Fatty beef, cheese, mayonnaise, butter and sausages are some examples of foods high in saturated fats. Hydrogenated vegetable oils also contain saturated fats. Manufacturers often use these oils in the production of packaged snack foods.

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What Are Examples of Foods That Are High in Saturated Fat?
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The biggest sources of saturated fats in the average American diet include pizza, burgers, sausages, bacon and potato chips. Fatty cuts of red meat and high-fat dairy products contain high concentrations of saturated fats. Plant-based oils such as palm kernel oil and coconut oil are also high in saturated fats, although these oils do not always contain cholesterol. The use of vegetable oils in deep frying makes most fried foods high in saturated fat.

Butter, lard, shortening and hydrogenated oils are high in saturated fats. There are 187 grams of saturated fat in 205 grams of vegetable shortening. Cooks often use these products in baking and packaged baked goods, meaning that many baked goods are also high in saturated fat.

Consumption of saturated fats can raise the levels of unhealthy cholesterol in the blood. The American Heart Association recommends limiting saturated fat intake to fewer than 7 percent of one's daily calorie intake. For example, an individual who eats about 2,000 calories per day should consume fewer than 16 grams of saturated fats per day.

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