What Are Some Examples of Coordination Exercises?

According to health and fitness expert Jillian Michaels, ball catching is an example of a coordination exercise. Ball catching involves throwing the ball to another person and increasing the speed and frequency with which the object is thrown. Writing numbers on the ball and saying the number seen before catching the ball further enhances the technique.

Jillian Michaels mentions reaction balls as another coordination exercise. This involves using a rubber ball that bounces suddenly and forces a person to rely on reflex to catch it. This is a technique designed to improve hand and eye coordination, along with reaction time. Juggling is a focus-based exercise that can start with juggling two balls and upgrade to three to increase difficulty. Tennis or lacrosse balls make suitable choices for this exercise. Racket sports such as tennis or racquetball helps a person's hand-eye coordination by following the opponent's movements. Tracking the ball and reacting in real time is a good coordination effort. Computer and video games increase reaction time and reflexes. The interaction on-screen forces the player to interact and respond accordingly.

Perform Better mentions various coordination exercises for young athletes, including single-leg balancing games and balancing on a low beam. Mirror games involve mimicking the motions of each participant. Running, jumping or skipping in multiple directions are more coordination exercises. Arm circle exercises entail moving the arms forward and backwards and repeating as necessary.