What Are Examples of Anaerobic Exercise?


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Anaerobic exercises range from sprinting to bodybuilding and include many other popular forms of working out. Science Daily points out that the early stages of any exercise are anaerobic and notes that the definition of anaerobic exercise is any exercise that consists of high-intensity movement of short duration.

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What Are Examples of Anaerobic Exercise?
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Train Online reports anaerobic literally means "without air." The term refers to the exchange of energy in human tissue independent of oxygen. Non-endurance sport athletes tend to work out anaerobically to build muscle mass and increase strength. Burpees are a popular form of anaerobic exercise, particularly when performed at high speeds with only 60-second rests between sets.

Breaking Muscle elaborates, explaining that anaerobic exercises, such as sprinting or jumping, use fast-twitch muscle fibers. When a person regularly performs such exercises, he develops his fast-twitch muscles. Many sports are anaerobic because they involve elevated heart rates, short spurts of activity and relatively long recovery periods.

While anaerobic exercise lasts from a few seconds to nearly two minutes, the body's aerobic system engages after about two minutes of sustained exercise, according to Breaking Muscle. This is why it is said that all exercises start as anaerobic.

Breaking Muscle recommends that people engage in regular anaerobic exercise to become more athletic and toned.

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