What Are Examples of Aerobic Exercise?


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Examples of low-impact aerobic exercise include rowing, walking, swimming, cycling and using an elliptical machine. High-impact aerobic exercises include jumping rope, running and step aerobics. Individuals should engage in at least a half-hour of aerobic exercise five to seven days a week.

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Some of the benefits of aerobic exercise include lowering resting heart rate, improving the overall function of the lungs, lowering the chances of heart disease, an increase in good cholesterol and improving blood pressure. A person can also improve his cardiovascular conditioning as well as lose weight by performing aerobic exercises.

An individual who suffers from a health condition like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes or hypertension should talk with his primary physician before starting an aerobic exercise regime in order to ensure he isn't limited in the type of exercises he can perform or how long he can perform exercises.

It's best to warm-up before starting aerobic exercise. By slowly increasing the intensity and pace of movements, the individual may gradually increase the flow of blood and lower his chances of sustaining an injury. After aerobic exercise, it's best to complete a cool down session in order to slowly and safely decrease the flow of blood and stretch the muscles.

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