What Are Some Examples of Activities of Daily Living?

What Are Some Examples of Activities of Daily Living?

Activities of daily living include grooming, putting on clothing, eating, toileting and mobility. These activities are all basic tasks that involve skills similar to those learned in early childhood.

Grooming involves bathing, oral care and other personal hygiene tasks. Putting on clothes includes both choosing appropriate clothing and being able to put on those clothes. Eating is the ability to eat without assistance, but food preparation isn't a requirement for this activity. Toileting is the ability to use the bathroom.

Mobility includes going from seated to standing, or lying in a bed to seated and standing. It also includes walking. However, if a person is in a wheelchair, his mobility activities are transferring himself to his wheelchair from seated or in-bed positions.

Related activities are instrumental activities to daily living. These are more complex skills, such as finding transportation, maintaining a home and handling finances.

These activities are the necessary skills for a person to live independently. Health care professionals evaluate people based on the ability to perform these skills. The evaluation method used varies based on the organization. After completing an evaluation, the professional is able to recommend the type of assistance and level of care a person needs. The evaluation also helps him diagnose conditions and determine the stage of some conditions.