What Is an Example of a Boot Camp Workout Routine?


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An example of a boot camp workout routine is a one to two month program in which each class begins with a warm up, then has an intense exercise portion followed by a cool down. Classes include a mixture of cardiovascular exercise and strength training.

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What Is an Example of a Boot Camp Workout Routine?
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Warm ups include basic stretches and movements to loosen up the body and increase the heart rate. A common stretch is the toe touch. Jogging or jumping jacks are effective warm ups. The exercise portion lasts for about 30 minutes. Boot camp exercises include push ups, sit ups, squats, burpees, sprints and lunges. Repetitions and sets should be based on the fitness level of the participants. Different exercises can be chosen each class to stimulate different muscles. Rest time should be limited to a minute or less between sets. An obstacle course can be offered once a week as a fun exercise to challenge the participants. Every class should end with a cool down period. Simple activities that rely more on coordination than exertion, such as tossing a ball back and forth, are excellent cool down choices. The workout ends with more stretches. Boot camp workouts are intended for groups of people. A fitness test should precede any boot camp workout routine, both to ensure the participant can handle it and to determine the current fitness level.

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