What Exactly Is Wrist Tendonitis?


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Wrist tendonitis is the inflammation or irritation of one or more tendons located at the wrist or thumb joints, according to About.com. Common causes of wrist tendonitis include increased stress from repetitive physical activity and aging, reports WebMD.

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What Exactly Is Wrist Tendonitis?
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Symptoms of wrist tendonitis may include tenderness, swelling, pain and stiffness of tendons, claims WebMD. Treatment options for wrist tendonitis include non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, ice therapy or immobilization of the wrist using a wrist splint, states About.com. Patients with wrist tendonitis may have to undergo surgery if one or more of these treatment options fail to reduce swelling or pain within a few weeks.

If left untreated, wrist tendonitis could lead to more serious medical conditions, including tendon rupture or tendinosis, according to Mayo Clinic. Patients that experience tendon rupture or tendinosis typically require surgery. Patients should visit a physician within 10 days if the inflammation or irritation in wrist tendons does not disappear, states WebMD.

To prevent wrist tendonitis from returning, patients should stretch before participating in sports and other physical activities, and they should also participate less often in these activities, notes Mayo Clinic. Patients should also use ergonomic office furniture, ergonomic computer equipment and other safety equipment when engaging in repetitive motion tasks at work.

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