What Is Evening Primrose Used for by Women?


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Women use evening primrose oil to reduce symptoms of endometriosis, pre-menstrual syndrome, menstrual pain and hot flashes associated with menopause, states WebMD. Additionally, evening primrose oil is used during pregnancy to initiate and shorten labor and to prevent pre-eclampsia.

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Evening primrose oil is used to help reduce breast pain in women that may be caused by a lack of specific fatty acids that help to reduce inflammation, explains WebMD. Evening primrose oil contains gamma linoleic acid, which has been shown to reduce breast pain in research studies, reports the National Institutes of Health. Additionally, evening primrose oil is used by some women to prevent cancer and to help improve the body’s response to the drug tamoxifen in women being treated for breast cancer, according to WebMD.

A woman might use evening primrose oil for its beneficial effects for the skin. It is a common ingredient in the manufacturing of cosmetics and soaps. Evening primrose oil is especially beneficial for women who suffer with skin irritation due to skin conditions such as eczema, acne and dermatitis, according to WebMD.

Women may use evening primrose oil to improve health conditions such as arthritis, heart disease and high cholesterol, reports Medical News Today. Evening primrose oil has also been used by women to treat chronic fatigue, diabetic neuropathy and dry eyes, states Mayo Clinic.

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