How Does Estrogen Cream Help With Vaginal Health?

How Does Estrogen Cream Help With Vaginal Health?

Estrogen cream improves vaginal health by relieving soreness and dryness of the vagina, as well as reducing redness, itchiness and soreness of the vulva, according to Mayo Clinic. The cream also helps relieve pain associated with sexual intercourse and urination. It may also reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections.

Estrogen cream helps maintain muscle tone in the urethra and vagina by rebuilding the lining through collagen production, notes WebMD. However, the cream does not stop hot flashes associated with menopause nor does it protect against osteoporosis.

The side effects of using estrogen creams are similar to the effects of oral estrogen medications. Users may experience breast pain, nausea or abnormal vaginal bleeding, explains WebMD. Do not use estrogen cream while engaging in sexual intercourse, in part because a male partner may develop enlarged breasts if exposed to the cream.

After applying estrogen cream, avoid using condoms, cervical caps or diaphragms for 72 hours, advises Mayo Clinic. The cream may melt, so use a sanitary napkin to absorb leakage.

Vaginal estrogen cream is an acceptable substitute for liver and gallbladder disease patients who are advised not to take oral estrogen, states WebMD. Discuss current medications and allergies with a doctor prior to using vaginal estrogen cream. Also advise the doctor of any health conditions, especially asthma, heart or kidney problems, migraine headaches, or epilepsy.