What Essential Oils Does Mountain Rose Herbs Sell?


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Some of the essential oils sold by Mountain Rose Herbs include Pink Pepper, Carrot Seed, Tangerine, Tea Tree and Vetiver essential oils, as indicated by Mountain Rose Herbs. They are 100 percent pure aromatic distillates.

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Pink pepper essential oil originates from Madagascar, and its botanical name is Schinus molle. Pink pepper does not have a botanical relation to black pepper but has been in use as an essential oil and spice. In aromatherapy, the essential oil helps in circulatory and digestive complaints, explains Mountain Rose Herbs.

Carrot seed essential oil originates from India, and most skin formulas use it because of the belief that it can rejuvenate the skin and remove wrinkles. Extracted using the steam distillation method, the oil has an earthy dry and slightly sweet aroma, says Mountain Rose Herbs.

The fragrance industry uses the tangerine essential oil most. It originates from Brazil and the fact that it does not contain limonene makes it popular with household cleaners. However, people should use the oil with caution because it can cause skin irritation, notes Mountain Rose Herbs.

The tea tree essential oil is popular for its capability to heal the skin. Originating from Kenya, the oil has a spicy-camphoraceous, warm and fresh aroma. During the second world war, tea producers and cutters did not have military duties because the oil was in high demand. Sailors and soldiers used the oil to treat wounds and tropical infections, according to Mountain Rose Herbs.

Vetiver essential oil comes from Sri Lanka, and the vetiver root has been popular for its fragrance for many years. Extracted using the steam distillation method, the oil has a woody, sweet, earthy and heavy aroma, explains Mountain Rose Herbs.

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